Lab pe aata nahi tha naam unka…
Aaj aaya to baar baar aaya…
Bewajah bekaraar rehte the…
Bewajah aaj phir karaar aaya…..

Hum to bhoole huye the dil ko magar…
Dil ne kyon aaj humko yaad kiya…
Kyon kureda purana zakhm usne…
Kyon kisi bhule gham ko yaad kiya…..

Phir kisi shaakh ne pheki chhao…
Phir kisi shaakh ne haath hilaya…..

Life drifts away…

Jaate jaate vo mujhe achchhi nishaani de gayaa…
Umr bhar dohraungaa aisi kahaani de gayaa…

Us se main kuchh paa sakoon aisi kahaan ummeed thi…
Gham bhi vo shaayad baraaye meharbaani de gayaa…

Sab hawaayen le gayaa mere samandar ki koi…
Aur mujhko ek kashti baadbaani de gayaa…

Khair main pyaasaa rahaa, par usne itnaa to kiyaa…
Meri palkon ki qataaron ko vo paani de gayaa…

Justified Justice!

You get used to everything in this world but tears.. Pain never ever becomes a habit.. It rather becomes more excruciating, more unbearable, and more fatal with every passing day.. And some folks are so very engrossed in the colors and sparkles of their own life that they don’t even realise the extent of this pain that they keep dishing out so non-challantly.. rather feel proud of it and all their brutal insensitivity that gives them a reason to justify everything…

Their intent is always right to justify everything.. For others, their behavior is enough for crucifying them to death!

Justice gets justified!

Haywire randomness

I don’t know the language well.. Neither do I have my thoughts structured.. So I can’t write or blog.. I can only scribble.. But what do you scribble when you have lost your mind to your heart, and submitted your heart to unwanted obscurities.. to hurtful insensitivities.. to haywire random regular high handedness… You can’t think.. You can’t work.. You can’t sleep.. And sometimes you can’t even breathe.. Pain chokes you beyond life.. And then you just wish that you escape this unbearable pain of life into the haywire randomness of the other world.. In the hope of some solace, some peace, some hope…

The Best duets of Asha Bhosle

While last time I had attempted to list the best solos of my favorite singer, I will now make an attempt to list my top 20 duets of Asha’ji.. Again, she has created gems with a wide range of singers working with multiple music directors, and my attempt will be to cover a range of singers and music directors, though I am sure that duets with Kishore Kumar and Md. Rafi will feature more often than others. Again – these are in no particular order, but I will start with a unique one of her and the rest will follow:

1. Song: Man anand anand chhayo; Movie: Vijeta; Composer Ajit Varman; Duet with  Satyasheel Deshpande

2. Song: Chhod do aanchal; Movie: Paying Guest; Composer SD Burman; Duet with  Kishore Kumar

3. Song: Deewana mastana huya dil; Movie: Bambai ka Babu; Composer SD Burman; Duet with  Md Rafi

4. Song: Woh subah kabhi to aayegi; Movie: Phir Subah Hogi; Composer Khaiyyam; Duet with  Mukesh

5. Song: Roz roz aankhon tale; Movie: Jeeva; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Amit Kumar

6. Song: Man kyon behka; Movie: Utsav; Composer Laxmikant Pyarelal; Duet with  Lata Mangeshkar

7. Song: Abhi na jao chhodkar; Movie: Hum Dono; Composer Jaidev; Duet with  Md Rafi

8. Song: Tu tu hain wahi; Movie: Yeh Wada Raha; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Kishore Kumar

9. Song: Piya bawri; Movie: Khubsoorat; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Ashok Kumar

10. Song: Yeh raatein yeh mausamMovie: Dilli ka Thug; Composer Ravi; Duet with  Kishore Kumar

11. Song: Deewana huya baadal; Movie: Kashmir ki Kali; Composer OP Nayyar; Duet with  Md Rafi

12. Song: Jaanu jaanu ri; Movie: Insaan Jaag Utha; Composer SD Burman; Duet with  Geeta Dutt

13. Song: O saathi chal; Movie: Seeta aur Geeta; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Kishore Kumar

14. Song: Pal do pal ka saath humara; Movie: The Burning Train; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Md Rafi

15. Song: Kisi nazar ko tera; Movie: Aitbaar; Composer Bappi Lahiri; Duet with  Bhupinder

16. Song: Phoolon ki zuban; Movie: Unreleased; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Kishore Kumar

17. Song: Saanjh dhali; Movie: Kala Bazaar; Composer SD Burman; Duet with  Manna De

18. Song: Jaane jaan dhoondhta phir raha; Movie: Jawani Diwani; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Kishore Kumar

19. Song: Jhoothe naina bole; Movie: Lekin; Composer Hridaynath Mangeshkar; Duet with  Satyasheel Deshpande

20. Song: Main chali main chali; Movie: Padosan; Composer RD Burman; Duet with  Lata Mangeshkar

Cannot end without some honorable mentions that are also very beautiful in themselves: Gun guna rahe hai bhawre (Aradhana, SD Burman, Md Rafi), Maine tujhe manga (Deewar, RD Burman, Kishore Kumar), Na to karawaan ki talash hain (Barsaat ki raat, Roshan, Manna De), Jaane do na (Saagar, RD Burman, Shailendra Singh), Haal kaisa hai janaab ka (Chalti ka Naam Gaadi, SD Burman, Kishore Kumar)

On another topic, another theme next time! Till then…….

Soulfully Asha – My favorite gems!

If there has been one singer who has made me fall so deeply in love with music with her mellifluous voice, widest range, melancholy pathos, husky intoxication and absolute soulful singing, it has been Asha Bhosle all the way. She personifies versatility and perfection in all the music she has created and lived through, enriching the world of music with an astonishing huge collection of breathtaking songs over a huge span in time. She has given gems in all genres of music with the best of music directors, though SD Burman, OP Nayyar and then RD Burman have possibly contributed the most in making Asha the versatile genius over the years that she is. I have always personally preferred the pathos of her soulful numbers, her invigorating semi classical songs, and her romantic melodies over the conventionally more popular club or cabaret songs, though no one can render the later with the intoxication of hers. Here is my very difficult attempt to pick up my top 20 solos of Asha Bhosle – with an attempt not to repeat tracks from a given movie, and cover some range in genre and composers. And I know, I am leaving behind multiple gems, which I absolutely wanted to include. This list may not include a lot of ‘obvious’ top 20s, and will possibly make place for a few ‘special’ jewels. In no particular order then (other than the first song which is at the top of every musical list of mine), here is what I would rate as my top 20 Solos of Asha Bhosle:


1. Song: Mera Kuchh Samaan; Movie: Ijaazat; Composer RD Burman


2. Song: Justjoo jiski thi; Movie: Umrao Jaan; Composer Khaiyyam


3Song: Ab ke baras bhejo; Movie: Bandini; Composer SD Burman


4Song: Chain se humko kabhi; Movie: Pran jaaye par vachan na jaaye; Composer OP Nayyar


5Song: Phir se aaiyo; Movie: Namkeen; Composer RD Burman


6Song: Raat akeli hain; Movie: Jewel thief; Composer SD Burman


7Song: Naina hain pyase mere; Movie: Aavishkar; Composer Kanu Roy


8Song: Jahaan me aisa kaun hain; Movie: Hum Dono; Composer Jaidev


9Song: Ek hans ka joda; Movie: Lajwanti; Composer SD Burman


10Song: Meri berukhi tume dekhi hain; Movie: Phir wohi dil laya hoon; Composer OP Nayyar


11Song: Tumul kolahal kalay mein; Movie: Non-film; Composer Jaidev


12Song: Mar dalega dard e jigar; Movie: Pati Patni; Composer RD Burman


13Song: Ambar ki ek paak surahi; Movie: Kadambari; Composer Pt. Vilayat Khan


14Song: Bagh me kali khili; Movie: Chaand aur sooraj; Composer Salil Choudhury


15Song: Yehi who jagah hain; Movie: Yeh raat phir na aayegi; Composer OP Nayyar


16Song: Yeh saaye hain; Movie: Sitara; Composer RD Burman


17Song: Aaiye meherbaan; Movie: Howrah Bridge; Composer OP Nayyar


18Song: Bhawra bada nadaan hain; Movie: Sahib bibi aur ghulam; Composer Hemant Kumar


19Song: Kali ghata chhaye; Movie: Sujata; Composer SD Burman


20Song: Saara din jaage to; Movie: Sitam; Composer Jagjit Singh


That was really tough!! Like I said, many gems were missed – so I will have to list down a few honorary mentions:

Roz roz dali dali (Angoor, RD Burman); Jaiye aap kahaan jayenge (Mere Sanam, OP Nayyar); Daiyyan yeh main kahaan (Caravan, RD Burman); Dhalki jaaye chundariya (Nau do gyarah, SD Burman); Mere dil me teri tasveer (Ek hans ka joda, Jaidev); Aisa ho to(Ratnadeep, RD Burman); Aage bhi jaane na tu (Waqt, Ravi); Saathi re bhool na jana (Kotwal saab, Ravindra Jain); Jaane do mujhe jaane do (Non-film, RD Burman); Kaise unko paoon Aali (Non-film, Jaidev)


I will Force myself to stop here!!